AIS Network software 

Horizon is CNS Systems´ shore-based vessel monitoring solution designed for vessel traffic and monitoring centers. Horizon is ideal for any organizations that have a need to monitor vessel traffic in their waters, and has been proven to increase safety, security and efficiency.

Horizon provides a complete AIS interface that includes the ability to view and track all vessels, display specific vessel information, and send and receive safety related and text messages. Horizon’s interface and display of AIS related information offers a substantial leap forward in the ability to communicate and interact with vessels. 

Since Horizon is fully configurable, operators can adjust the display of information panels; customize color patterns for AIS targets, and set entry and exit alarms.

DataStore is a real-time data logging and playback solution for NMEA and NMEA-formatted data, specifically AIS data. The “back-end” of the solution is a service that interfaces with a database, and the “front-end” interfaces with an application that allows a user to control logging and playback of data.

DataStore can be configured to store all data or a user defined subset of data. Data stored in the AIS database can be queried and played back in the ECS system or an external application.


DataSwitch is a data routing and management software application that provides a reliable flow of data to your environment. DataSwitch supports the functionality defined in IALA Recommendation A-124, LSS Layer, Part IV.  It is ideal for the collection, filtering, logging, and sharing of AIS data over networks.

For shore-based networks, DataSwitch enables the flow of information from one or more AIS base stations and/or receivers to a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) center. Similarly, a VTS center can send vital information to a regional headquarters, and then on to a national entity via another DataSwitch.

For a vessel-based network, DataSwitch can send information from attached NMEA devices (sensors) to a number of stations on the vessel. The distribution of both standard and proprietary data messages from one central location to shared locations makes DataSwitch essential in many diverse environments.


Maestro provides top layer control for the AIS network, supporting the functionality defined in IALA Recommendation A-124, Functionality of the AIS Service Management (ASM), Part V.   It is a graphical display interface and configuration utility for the AIS network. 

Maestro monitors all AIS network components including status & failure of all components, warnings about failover and backup systems, user account status, and all other relevant events.  From the single interface accessed via a web browser, Maestro users can monitor, maintain, and manage all elements of the AIS network. Maestro is an independent process that runs without affecting the other AIS services.


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