AIS Mobile Transponders

VDL 6000 AIS Class A/Inland Transponder
The VDL 6000 AIS Class A transponder provides SOLAS compliance and BSH-certification at very attractive prices. The VHF data link communication, including all required static, voyage-related and dynamic data, gives all vessels in an area increased situational awareness and improves safety at sea for the individual ship. 

The SOTDMA technology is used in the AIS transponder which transmits and receives information on all vessels within VHF coverage. The information received from, and provided to the ships, is easily plotted on any ARPA radar or electronic charting system.

The AIS Inland transponder is type approved by Fachstelle der WSV für Verkehrstechniken FVT and broadcasts Inland blue sign status messages for upstream or downstream navigation.

The VDL 6000 AIS Class A/Inland transponder is easy to install onboard any ship and consists of an integrated Minimum Keyboard & Display (MKD).

VDL 6000 AIS Secure Class A System
The Secure system builds on existing AIS technology and supports a user to receive, schedule and transmit encrypted messages to other users. This can include transmission of secure text messages and reception of encrypted range and bearing. The Secure Class A System for naval operation can be configured in standard mode, silent mode or secure mode.

The Secure Class A System is easy to install in any ship and consists of a Transponder and Minimum Keyboard and Display (MKD) unit.

VDL 6000 AIS Airborne System
The VDL 6000 AIS Airborne transponder is developed for aircraft installation for use in Search and Rescue (SAR) and coastal surveillance missions and greatly enhances surveillance of large areas. The localization and identification of all AIS equipped vessels supports increased national security, environmental protection, and the possibility of rescuing vessels in distress.

The SOTDMA technology is used in the AIS transponder which broadcasts and receives information about all AIS equipped vessels within VHF coverage.The information received is easily plotted on an electronic charting display system. This gives a surveillance capability that was not possible prior to AIS.

The Airborne AIS transponder is the result of our extensive experience of avionics and is designed and produced to the same high demands as our VDL 4000 avionic transponders.


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    VDL 6000 Class A Transponder 






 VDL 6000 AIS Secure Transponder





  VDL 6000 Airborne Transponder